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#ifndef KSTRUCTS_H
#define KSTRUCTS_H

typedef int FD;

#define CONS    1
#define KBD     2
#define FILE    3
#define DIR     4

#define STDIN   1
#define STDOUT  2
#define STDERR  3

struct Task {
    struct Task *nexttask;
    unsigned char waiting;
    long rax;
    long rbx;
    long rcx;
    long rdx;
    long rbp;
    long rsi;
    long rdi;
    long rsp;
    long r8;
    long r9;
    long r10;
    long r11;
    long r12;
    long r13;
    long r14;
    long r15;
    long rflags;
    short int ds;
    short int es;
    short int fs;
    short int gs;
    short int ss;
    long cr3;
    long firstdata;
    long firstfreemem;
    long nextpage;
    unsigned short pid;
    long timer;
    char *environment;
    struct MessagePort *parentPort;
    unsigned char *currentDirName;
    unsigned char **argv;
    long console;
    unsigned char forking;
    struct FCB *fcbList;

struct Message {
    struct Message *nextMessage;
    unsigned char byte;
    long quad;
    long quad2;
    long quad3;
    long tempPort;
    long pid;

struct MessagePort {
    struct Task *waitingProc;
    struct Message *msgQueue;

struct MemStruct {
    struct MemStruct *next;
    long size;
    long pid;

struct clusterListEntry {
    struct clusterListEntry *next;
    unsigned short cluster;

struct FCB {
    struct DirEntry *dirEntry;      // A pointer to the directory entry for this file
    struct vDirNode *dir;           // A pointer to the vDirNode of the directory this file is in
    unsigned int length;
    unsigned long startSector;
    unsigned long nextSector;
    unsigned long sectorInCluster;
    unsigned short currentCluster;
    unsigned short startCluster;
    unsigned long fileCursor;
    unsigned short bufCursor;
    unsigned char bufIsDirty;   // 0 = clean, 1 = dirty
    unsigned char deviceType;
    unsigned char *filebuf;
    FD fileDescriptor;
    long pid;
    struct FCB *nextFCB;

struct Console {
    unsigned char *kbBuffer;
    short kbBufStart;
    short kbBufCurrent;
    short kbBufCount;
    struct Message *MsgQueue;
    unsigned char *ConsoleBuffer;
    short row;
    short column;
    short colour;

#define SWTASKS      asm ("int $20")
#define SWTASKS15    asm ("mov %rdi, %r15"); asm ("int $22")
#define CLI         asm ("pushf"); asm("cli")
#define STI         asm ("popf")


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